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    Minecraft Username: Sir_Aaron/Mephilist
    Age: 20
    Country & Timezone: United States, CST
    How long have you been an active member of PokéPeaks?

    Since the very start. I was even a helper and later builder (when given a build test on the old survival map) on the old server when Cosmic was a moderator.

    Why do you want to be a builder?
    I have a lot of unfinished projects on here that I would really like to sit down and finish. When I was a Mod I was too busy focusing on the community aspect (Posting advertisements, finding old players to rejoin the server, and speaking with other server owners/staff/Developers of the Pixelmon mod to get pointers and promotions.) that I rushed a lot of my work and even went as far as to take pre existing builds on the server and piece them together in places like Rota and VIP. I even got so lazy that when I was putting together victory road I just threw TNT into a mountain and made a path. Which did turn out unique, but it was lazy. However, I did have a lot of original builds including most of the houses in all the cities, a large chunk of landscaping (had some help at the start because I didn't understand voxel too well until later on) , and several of the easter egg spots were in fact.. done by me. I also created the layout for the entire map and created the majority of concepts that have shaped this server into what it is today.

    Things I would work on if promoted again:

    1. Redo VIP
    2. Redo Saffron
    3. Finish Rota/Cameran Palace
    4. Build Dungeons for events
    5. Brainstorm more ideas that will prove beneficial to the community and server as a whole.
    6. Make a new Spawn
    7. Redo Victory road
    8. Use my presence to get people back on and strengthen the community once again.
    9. Add more exciting quests for players to undertake.

    How much time a week could you dedicate to building?
    All day on Sundays and Mondays. Every other day I can offer up to 3-5 hours a day.

    Out of 5, how would you rate your ability to utilize redstone?

    Out of 5, how would you rate your ability to use the plugin VoxelSniper?

    Out of 5, how would you rate your ability to use the plugin WorldEdit?

    What sort of builder do you consider yourself to be? (Example: Interiors, Structures, Terraforming etc.)

    Interior, terraforming, and a little decent with exteriors.

    Please attach images of Minecraft builds you have solely created (At least 3):

    https://www.planetminecraft.com/collection/27149/pokemon-kanto/ (You know what I did and didn't do here)

    (I also helped Sushix and Opra build houses and props for them on their youtube world idea which they "fought over". They have the physical copy of the world.)

    Any final comments:

    Note 1:
    When I originally resigned it was because my life took a huge turn. I got my first job, a girlfriend, got promoted in a gaming community I was part of for 7 years, and I was being a volunteer roadie for two different bands. It was too much for me to help manage the server and do all those things at the same time. So I made a regretful resignation, but not before giving Sushix suggestions on people he should promote to keep the server strong in my absence. I cared so much about the server that I even hid under a different identity when I did play so that way people would stop coming to me about issues and go to staff. However, I recently broke up with this girl, the two bands I was helping both quit, and I left the community I was with. However, I am still working 40+ hours at my job and I was even promoted to a "PIC" (Person in charge) recently which has given me tons of leadership experience that I feel I really needed. But even with that factor still influencing my schedule.. I'll still have plenty of time to sit down and get things done.

    Note 2:
    I have the ability to keep a large group of people together. I always treat others with respect even if they are "spitting at me in the face". - Besides my experience, nothing makes me different from anyone else. Everyone is equal in the ability to lead and in the field of creativity. The only difference Is that I know how to use my creativity and skills to help others.

    Positives About me:
    1. I get things done quickly.
    2. I am mature in tough situations.

    1. I tend to get really close with the communities I am in and if something happens between two people I tend to take it personally. Its also a positive i guess since i handle it quickly.
    2. I do not do well in political situations. I sometimes prefer to use action instead of words.

    My goal is to learn and become a great leader someday and although I am far from my goal, I do think this position can help teach me allot of things.
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  2. xShrek

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    - You have made the whole map and know the map better then anyone else.
    i can give so many more details but just accept this guy already
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  3. HopFlopper

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    I agree and why we are at it make Hop a mod 10/10
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  4. tonyhoang987

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    Yes, Yes, Yes
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    Tony does u agree with my post
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  6. tonyhoang987

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    I'll take that as a yes
  8. oscar_zane

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    Nice application Aaron, you've made a huge impact on the server and to a lot of the players so it'd be great if you indeed returned and continue the great legacy you left behind. +1 Vote
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  9. HopFlopper

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    So has Hop so make him mod
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  10. oscar_zane

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    I would have to agree but #HopForHelper
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  11. HopFlopper

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    Nope #HopForMod
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  12. Tomstok

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    Great application Aaron. Only what I expect from you, have made a big impact on the server from building to moderating and just being an awesome guy in general. I would be more than happy to see you back on the staff team. Just keep going after your goal and you will get it. +1 Vote
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  13. mr_compasso

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    You have my support! But I'd personally rate you 2 in Voxel Sniper usage. xP

    Also forgive me for being an asshole here but, you did not 'create' the layout for the map since we just built over the original Kanto map. I may be being picky but as a 3D modeller it stands out a lot for me. :3
  14. Mephilist

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    Forgive me if I'm wrong, but we completely wiped the original Kanto because it was nothing like the games. Sushix wanted it more accurate so I created a layout and we restructured the entire thing. We used the old layout as a reference of where things should be near but that was about it. Things where either too massive or too small and had to be cleared. Take Cinnabar for example. Had to clear the entire island, move the layout over a bit, and then mold a new one. It was like that with most of the towns/cities. Victory road and the elite four were also completely out of place and removed. I also had Cosmic build Mt.Silver where it would be normally in the games and started the Sevii Island project north of Lavander. You made the layout for the islands though. (Note: I have a copy of the original map if you want to see just how out of place and innacurate everything was.)

    Also, my voxel snipping ability improved when I actually decided to sit down and work on it. Rota was an example of me just placing shit. But my skills later improved when I went through and did use voxel to terraform the sevii islands that both Bea and I made. (I'm going to need a refresher on it again though because I haven't used it in months.)

    Thank you for your support
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  15. mr_compasso

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    Not at all, cinnabar was not moved, just made bigger. We didn't wipe anything we only built on top of it, whether or not you created a new layout, everything is still in the same exact place except its been scaled bigger. I have X-ray screenshots of Cinnabar that shows that the old island is still there underneath the newly terraformed island. (Note: Cinnabar screenshot file was too large to upload on here) (I fixed some of underground Viridian Forest due to Pokemon spawning under it, again proves that we literally built on top of the forest and some of the trees are still there underneath the new Forest)

    Viridian forest/Diglett cave/routes in-between: 2017-09-06_03.52.45.png
  16. Nightysaurus

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    Mephy, you was my inspiration for helper, you've put so much into to the server, and the community. I'd really like to see you on the staff team again. ^-^

    ♡ +1! ♡

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  17. Mephilist

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    We built on top of what we could. I had to remove the outer part of Cinnabar with the mansion and we even shrunk it down to make it smaller so things were not spread out like they were. (Cosmic was there for this one as we underwent the process of teraforming the island together. You were not involved.) Viridian forest was completely replaced because Sushix put a huge hole in the map. You were there for that (So was Christianno who I got a screenshot of confirming my statements.) . The reason there are trees are because I planted saplings before I realized that we were not going to make a ramp up (A hill was my original solution but sushix said it was going to take too long.) We had to build over a hole which we decided to not fill in because it would cause too much lag. If you actually take a moment to look, you'll notice that the towns that have gaps underneath them are all straight across the map. (Except for route 24/25 which I built over cause I had an idea for the underground part that I never followed through with.) This is because this is where Sushix made the huge hole. Same thing with cinnabar. It was also wiped and we built over what we could while also removing over half of the island. "We didn't wipe anything" ? Go look at Vermilion and Pewter for me real quick. Then go look at Celadon and Saffron. Another example would be Victory road and the Elite 4. I literally blew up the entire mountain, replaced it with a bigger one to scale up with Rota, and removed the champion's castle to use later for the hall of fame. (You were there for this too.. So was Hop, Oscar, Tony, Phyllo, and Aqua.) Fuchsia and the Saffari zone was also completely leveled and moved further to the left, because it was nothing similar to the games. (Bea can vouch for that one.) Three of the only things we never wiped was Mt.Moon. the Rocket base, and the seafoam Islands because we were all lazy and they were impressive just as they were. ( Except the rocket base which I went through and filled with movement plates and loot.) I also felt that Seafoam was in the right position on the map so it didn't need to be moved.

    If you want to speak more on this matter please pm me. Arguing about this on an application is very unprofessional on the both of us. I sent you screenshots of people backing my claims over discord.
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  18. mr_compasso

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    I am aware Sushix deleted part of Pewter- Cinnabar however some of the forest and Island remained intact in Sushix's world edit, not all of it was removed. I do not care who built what in whatever place you told them to, the builds are in the exact place, I am aware that Bea built Safari zone completely from scratch but that is not what the argument is about, it is in the same exact place as it was as the previous Safari zone. I can guarantee that Cinnabar was built over the old one, take a look:
    2017-09-06_22.12.35.png The dirt rectangle floor is where the little island was with the Mansion on it, the wall of water used to be the ocean and The wall of dirt you can just see in that water is a rectangular world edit of dirt over the old island of cinnabar. If that doesn't prove that you didn't change the layout of the map then I don't know what does, everything was built in the exact same place just on top of it or the buildings were just removed and replaced with new buildings and floor (Saffron city) or they were just scaled to be bigger or smaller.

    Why am I posting here still?

    Because I want everyone to know that creating a layout of the Kanto map and building over the Kanto map are two completely different things. Also it isn't unprofessional to have an intelligent argument, we're both stating our facts and opinions somewhat politely.

    Edit: The word 'Pewter' replaced the words 'Route 1' (smol mistake xP)

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