1. FeatheryClint

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    I'm not to sure if you're taking helpers yet, but worth a try.

    Minecraft Username:

    My username is FeatheryClint


    My current age is:

    17 years old as of last Monday

    Country & Timezone:

    I live in England and my timezone is BST (British Summer Time)

    How long have you been an active member of PokéPeaks?

    I joined the PokePeaks server about a 4-5 months ago, and I have loved every minute of being on here. I usually come on for at least 4 hours per day but usually a lot more. The only time I'm not able to be on the server is when I'm at work or at college.

    Why do you want to be a helper?

    I want to become helper of this server because I feel like I've made a lot of friends in this community and a lot of them have told me/thanked me for being helpful towards them throughout their duration on the server and I do that because I love helping people.
    I want to help the new players with any errors that they experience like loss of items, glitches in their game and anything else, while doing the same for current players on the server.

    I've not had past experience as a helper but I see this server as the perfect place to start as this server has the best community that I feel I've had a great connection to.

    How much time a week could you dedicate to being active and helping on the server?

    I could dedicate roughly around 4-6hours per day with college and days that I don't then I usually get on for 6+. Other than work and college there isn't any other obstructions with me getting on the server.

    Out of 5, how would you rate your Pokemon knowledge?

    I would rate my pokemon knowledge easily a 5/5 due to me growing up as a kid with pokemon, starting off with red, now on to moon. Pokemon is actually the only thing I've never stopped loving.

    Out of 5, how would you rate your Pixelmon knowledge?

    I would rate my pixelmon knowledge again either a 5/5 due to me playing pixelmon when it first came out and continuously playing it for the past 5 years.

    Out of 5, how would you rate your Minecraft/Server/Technical knowledge?

    I would say I'm a 3, as i know most vanilla commands and learning more pixelmon ones, but im a really fast learner and can adapt to new things.

    How have you already invested time and effort into helping out the server and community?

    I have invested a lot of time into the server, many weeks, days, hours, minutes i have been training my main team up, helping people out and just having fun with the community, I've put a fair bit of money into the server too. I've spent more time on this server than i have on any other due to getting bored or toxicity in the community, but this server has none of that.

    Any final comments:

    Just want to thank Sushix firstly for getting the server back up when it shut down, as i and many more, thought it was the end of pokepeaks and when you revealed that it was back up, i was so genuinely happy. I'd also like to shout out HopFlopper, Oxion, Tomstok and mr_compasso who have been the biggest help to me on the server and allowed me to be in the position im in now.
  2. Tomstok

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    Is england your city? Btw nice application.
  3. FeatheryClint

    FeatheryClint New Member

    England is my town, thankyou! <3

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