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    Hey Trainers,

    It's been a busy and difficult couple months for PokéPeaks. We've been dealing with a bit of a staff shortage with the earlier changes of Mephilist, Joey & Aqua all leaving us as staff and our beloved Bea has been off on her adventure with the Army. That said, myself and Compass have been hard at work bringing you guys our final rank, some changes to a few competitive commands you guys have been asking for and more!

    So here is a more concise list of the updates and changes lately:

    • Grand Master Rank, our final rank, has been released! To obtain this rank, like always, you must have the previous rank which is Guardian. We've made sure the final rank is something special and completely changes the PokéPeaks experience for you and your friends.
      • Receive permissions to your very own, enormous, custom-built Island! All the islands are unique with their own terrain & biomes, custom-built by our staff team. These islands are located past the mountains south of Cinnabar. We'll be building more as the islands get claimed.
      • Grand Master Kit:
        • 64 Ultraballs
        • 64 Duskballs
        • 18 Rare Candies
        • 20 Hyper Potions
        • 20 Max Revives
        • 20 Full Heals
        • 1 New Running Boots
      • Your own Shiny Jirachi!
      • Access to commands such as /redeemfossil, /speed & /hat.
      • Double experience gain from wild battles.
      • ...And More!
    • Staff Changes & Applications.
      • We want to announce, it case you guys missed it on Discord, one of our new Helpers is Oscar_Zane. Oscar is a great addition to the team, has been an extremely active member of our community since we opened in November and we're excited to see his growth as a staff member!
      • Also welcoming to our Helper team, Nightysaurus. It was a no-brainer to bring her on board, she's always had a great attitude and not to mention was a great staff member on an old Pixelmon server that I ran.
      • We're still on the lookout for strong builders of any styles (Interior, Terrain, Buildings etc.). Make sure to apply on our forums if you think you have what it takes!
    • Competitive & Rank Changes.
      • Due to many suggestions from players, we've decided to drop a couple of our commands from being exclusive to rank holders to now be available to all players. From now on, everyone has access to /Ivs & /Evs.
      • Also due to demand, we've added Wondertrade to the server is that is also accessible for all players.
      • To continue with our efforts to make competitive battles and tournaments fair for everyone, regardless of ranks, we're going to be setting up a method soon for everyone to have access to /breed. To have access to this you'll need to beat all the gyms and head to Sevii Island. We'll announce on Discord when this has been setup!
      • Now we know some of these changes leave ranked users feeling like they've lost something, so a top priority in the next month is going to be looking over the Sponge forums for new plugins we can add to give ranked users a little something extra.
    If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask em down below!

    - Sushix

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    Very proud
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