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    What's up everyone :D Warning I wrote this while tired, so it's me in a slighty crazy tired state. I can't really remember what I wrote, but that'll probably be fun to read. I know its not formatted and is probably full of errors, but if you're gonna have to deal with it cause Ill probably never fix it! Good Luck to those who try to read this, I promise I'm better when being talked to or something. Sooo lets begin!

    I'm Aaron A.K.A. _AyyAyyRon_
    Doin this on my phone at like 2:30 AM at my time just cause I kinda have time.
    Age: 18, turning 19 on August 15
    Occupation: Civil Engineering student at Cal Poly SLO.
    Favorite Pokemon: Mega Absol (I love it's design and ability, but for battle I'll use anything)
    Favorite Legendary: Jirachi (Although for battling I like using Entei if it has Extremespeed)
    Favorite ability: Prankster
    Favorite Attack: Leaf Blade (Cause crit/stab/90 power
    Favorite Setup: Sticky Web (So I dont need full speed investment :p)
    Hobbies: Trumpet, Track & Field, Soccer, Pokemon games/showdown, general gaming... Most of this stuff I cant do as much cause school.
    Active Time on server: Pretty much whenever I have time and want to play pixelmon instead of another game, although I'll probably be on more cause summer for me starts in a couple days!
    Pokemon Experience: Way too much, I've beaten every main series game and played a lot of side games, finished every pokedex and spent a lot of time creating comp teams in game and on pokemon showdown. Also have watched all but the newest movies with my favorite probably being the Jirachi one cause Hoenn was my favorite.

    I love meeting new people and sharing my knowledge with the people that I meet, so if anyone wants to talk or wants to discuss pokemon stuff just ask!

    I think the server is set up in a very unique way that I've only seen being used on 1 other server, which was shut down like 2ish years ago. I love the adventure feel and the server is set up with the perfect balance between guided and free gameplay. I look forward to seeing how the server progresses and want to be more and more active with the community as my free time permits.

    I hope to bring as much to the server as I can, I love competition and am looking forward to becoming the new champ and taking down all who oppose me. I'm pretty cocky, but heyyy its all in good fun.

    My mind jumps around a lot when I'm tired soooo I'm going back to a list format for a bit XD

    Favorite Music: Jon Bellion, Khalid right now but I also include pretty mucb every other music genre just cause I respect most music and love seeing different perspectives.
    Favorite Games: CS GO (Ive been global but stopped for a while and am just getting back in, got placed back at dmg) Overwatch (kinda not really I just mess around and am throwing with some friends to reach bronze where I'll run around hitting people with torb hammer) Maplestory (Been playing since gms release, reboot server cause spent too much money on scania level 206 wa, with a bunch of other 200s) Destiny 1 (Definetly my fav game but whwn destiny 2 comes out, I prob wont do anything else for a while) Skyrim (legit level 137, moved to special edition and enderal but dont really play anymore).

    Kinda got bored of that format so just probably gonna write stuff that you can read if you want to know me better, or if youre just bored!

    When I'm at home I will have terrible internet, but I'll be good at all other times. Still playing on a laptop, but I'll prob invest a lot of money into building a PC in the not so near future. I really enjoy Marvel movies, Harry Potter and other things like that. Favorite superhero is Batman, but not a big dc nerd.

    I'm gonna say that I'm running out of stuff to write, but I definetly need to get more sleep and have to get up fairly early tomorrow, so if anyone wants to talk to me when I'm not as crazy as I am right now, then just yell at me or something in game or something!

    Also I'm comin for that champ spot!

    Almost forgot some info~
    Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/_AyyAyyRon_/
    (I have like 7 accounts but I use this one most, if I ignore f requests its prob cause a ton of people add me and I only accept ones Ive talked with so just message me if I do ignore you)
    Battle.net: Meh dont really use this and too lazy to get the random number at the end.
    Youtube: Don't make videos but probably will when I make a PC
    Twitch: AyyAyyRon_ Will stream when new PC, but Im actively a member of my irl friends stream twitch.tv/thelonetangerine

    Fun Fact: I have made some youtube videos but they were random movie trailers and silent films for a class, Im also in some band/sport pictures if you wanna try to stalk me. You can prob find me on social medias if you follow clues across my profiles and really want to stalk me.
    Fun Fact 2: My trumpet is the Getzen 907s Eterna Proteus
    Fun Fact 3: I average 22 feet long jumps with my PR being 23 ft 4 inches, by 100m dash time is 10.8 sec, my 200m is 22.6 sec, my 400m is 51.2 sec, my mile is 5:08, after this my times get exponentially slower.
    Fun Fact 4: Those times and records were from over a year ago cause I havent kept it up at college.
    Fun Fact 5: Im suuuuper tired so ima just stop now, I probably forgot something but whatever.


    I didn't use any sort of formatting and this really bothers me so I'm going to go and at least bold stuff before I go. So um bye for now and hi cause this is my intro and stuff.

    Hopefully this all weirded all of you out so you'll all avoid me cause I'm anti-social (jkjk not really)

    ZzZzZzZz (thats me forcing myself to sleep)

    In dream: soooo I hear theres a certain someone known as Sir_Aaron on this server... Ya I gotta say Im gonna be the better Aaron. I also hear the champ doesnt get many challengers cause people cant beat the e4... I'll be there at some point, I just havent had time to make a good team yet. Forgot to bold and I prob made spelling errors and stuff that Im wayyy too tired and lazy to fix so gg I'm done for now.

    Looking back, this is super duper long for an intro, my b!
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    You're going to be the better Aaron? Fight me.
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    Did I say going to be? I meant I AM the better Aaron.
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    I have a sudden urge to rename myself Eyy_Eyy_Ron simply to increase the amount of Aarons on the server.
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    Now it's on like donkey kong. 1v1 me Club Penguin!
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