1. Nightysaurus

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    Just out of curiosity, what other games (If any) do you play besides Minecraft?
    Personally, I play things like​
    • Garry's Mod,
    • Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 (Doesn't work on Windows 10 or at least I can't really get it to work.),
    • Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil,
    • Hopeless Masquerade,
    • Fantastic Danmaku Festival,
    • Mugen,
    • I wish I could play The Isle, Primal Carnage, and some other games.

    What about you?

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  2. Mephilist

    Mephilist is a Verified MemberMephilist Ex-Staff Guardian

    I used to play on an xbox one. I sold it a couple months back but I was a huge Gears of war, Warframe, Metal gear, Halo, and Overwatch gamer. But all I play now is this server and sometimes Megaman or Metal gear on my playstation 2.
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  3. xShrek

    xShrek is a Verified MemberxShrek Collector Rank Collector

    Overwatch, Osu!, Battlefield 1, Gta V, Rainbow Six Siege and some other shooters :p
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  4. RunicGEAR

    RunicGEAR is a Verified MemberRunicGEAR PokéManiac Rank PokéManiac

    All the Main Series Games, bunch of hacks and fangames, Super Paper Mario, Shovel Knight, Super Mario 3D World, stuff like that.

    That and I'm making a game lol
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  5. Tomstok

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    Well ofc i play minecraft. But i also play League of legends, Csgo, Overwatch, Osu!, Gta V, Cod Bo3, Rocket league, Pokemon Sun & Moon on my 3Ds. And lots more!
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  6. Bea

    Bea is a Featured MemberBea Builder Staff Member Builder

    • Overwatch
    • Stardew Valley
    • Touhou
    • Golf with Friends
    • Stonehearth
    • Feed and Grow Fish
    Most of my games are from steam xD
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  7. EarAssault

    EarAssault New Member

    Gears of War
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  8. Sir_Zim

    Sir_Zim New Member

    1. Kingdom Hearts
    2. Pokemon
    3. Digimon (ps4 games)
    4. Destiny
    5. League Of Legends
    6. Dragonball Xenoverse 1/2
    That's just a couple.
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  9. Weeeeb

    Weeeeb New Member

    I kinda stopped playing other games recently just because I need to improve my drawing skills ASAP.
  10. mr_compasso

    mr_compasso is a Featured Membermr_compasso Moderator Staff Member

    Weeeeb could u remove that pic/signature because that can cause seizures to other people.
  11. Weeeeb

    Weeeeb New Member

    sorry bout that .-.

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